National Creative Director
Larry is the founder of Strut Hairdressing, he has over 25 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. His career started seventeen years ago in Dallas, Texas, with Toni & Guy. Starting at an apprentice level working his way along a successful path up to Partner/Owner. He then brought Toni & Guy to San Antonio, Texas in 1997 with his first location at Ingram Park Mall. Since then he and his team have built North Star and La Cantera, along the way he has accomplished many levels of education and is currently a National Creative Director IV at Strut Hairdressing. He has been very fortunate over the years to have assembled an outstanding team with a strong educational background and some very strong management skills., thus creating a very strong foundation for the launch of Strut Hairdressing.  We look forward to seeing you soon at Strut!


Salon Director
Technical Creative Director
Jessica Gonzalez has 27 years of experience in the hairdressing industry. She received 15 years of education and training with Toni & Guy and specializes in advanced color Techniques that suit her client’s individual needs. Within those 15 years Jessica led the Toni & Guy Ingram Park and North Star locations as their manager. She continues to be an integral part of the founding management team for the new and exciting company known as Strut Hairdressing.  She is currently at the Creative Director 2 level for Strut Hairdressing, based on years of experience and techniques mastered.


Salon Director 
Salon Educational Director
Creative Director
Brad has been in the hairdressing industry for 12 years. His ambitious attitude and talent has taken him into many roles in the salon. As an educator he has helped develop many of our talented and creative hairdressers, and proceeds to guide them with our ongoing education. Brad is also a vital member of our management team here at Strut Hairdressing. His passion and dedication to excellence is what has brought him to Strut Hairdressing, offering only the very best in quality hair, make-up, and customer service.


Art Directors
Sophia is a graduate of the Milan Institute of Cosmetology and is currently a passionate member of the Strut Hairdressing team. She is an advanced designer level stylist and does all types of hair from men, women and children. She also specializes in relaxing conditioning treatments, as well as styling services and makeup. In the future she would like to advance to the educational team at Strut so that she may teach others advanced techniques to continue the strong educational foundation that Strut provides.


Art Directors
George was born and raised here in San Antonio. He has always had a passion for the cosmetology field. He decided to join the team here at Strut because he wants to further his education and become a very well-known and skilled stylist. His goal is to join the educational team at Strut. With his strong determination and dedication, his dreams will become his future.

Advanced Designer
Mariah was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  She later came to San Antonio with her son in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a cosmetologist.  Mariah has a great passion for color and looks forward to growing with Strut as a Redken color artist.  She hopes to travel the world to spread her knowledge with others as she grows in the beauty industry.  She has also teamed up with Strut Hairdressing as a Customer Relations Specialist while going through our technical education program.
Advanced Designer
Gracie was born and raised in Texas where she has always had a deep passion and curiosity for the fashion and beauty industry.  She began her journey at the Milan Institute for Cosmetology.  She has big dreams of becoming a well-known stylist around the world.  She enjoys providing all of her guest with an amazing experience and educating them about the best way to maintain their hair.  Gracie hopes to further her education as a Redken Stylist with Strut Hairdressing.
Technical Art Director
Lovin has been a master colorist for the last six years in Georgia.  Her family relocated to San Antonio, and she has been searching for a salon that was as passionate about color as she was.  She found what
she was looking for at Strut hairdressing, because they offer  her the opportunity of professional
and personal growth.  She also aspires to become an educator, which would allow her to share her
knowledge with  others.  Lovin is excited about beginning the next chapter of her career in Texas.
With all of her awesomeness, passion, and knowledge; she is sure to fulfill all of her guests needs.
Client Relations Specialist
Crystal just moved to San Antonio with her husband and daughter from Colorado where she owner her own private luxury hair studio. She has extensive training in Redken advanced color and hair design and is also a certified extensions artist. Crystal is excellent at the art of creating a customized overall look that will highlight your greatest features. She is constantly attending hair shows and classes to feed her hunger for the newest trending hair fashions. She recently attended the Stylist Choice Awards in Chicago where she trained under Beth Minardi (Platform Artist of the Year 2014), Kim Vo, and met with Tabatha Coffey.